Adding Windows DNS Records Via Command-Line

This is something that is almost completely off-topic, but something I’ve found myself doing quite a bit at Enkitec.  You see, we keep adding new hardware (Big Data Appliance in August, new Exadata X3-2 earlier this year), and that means that we need to add a bunch of DNS entries at once.  Even an eighth… Read More »

Exadata NFS Issues – Ksplice Support for Exadata?

When the release of the Exadata Storage Server software was released, I was a little excited.  There were numerous oneoff patches for the previous release,, which was the first version to support the Exadata X3, writeback flashcache, run UEK on the X#-2 systems, etc.  With that many large changes introduced in one version,… Read More »

2013 Presentation Schedule

Well, it’s been a really busy past few months, and I hate to admit it, but I’ve been neglecting this space more than anything. Despite having many different posts in the works, nothing is quite finished yet. I do have a little time to mention a few of my upcoming speaking events, though. First, I’ll… Read More »

Oracle Announces Exadata X3-2 and X3-8

Well, it’s finally public, so we’re able to openly talk about the new Exadata X3 systems.  Looking back on my pre-openworld predictions, I was pretty close on a few things.  I was correct on the database servers, which will have Xeon E5-2690 CPUs (8 core, 2.9GHz) with 128GB RAM upgradeable to 256GB.  It looks like… Read More »

Exadata X3-2 1/8th Rack

There have been a couple of posts we’ve seen lately about expectations of an Exadata X3-2 and X3-8 release at Oracle Open World 2012.  I mentioned in my previous post about the possible release of an X3-2 1/8th rack configuration.  I had guessed that this would be similar to the old V2 basic system that… Read More »

Pre OpenWorld Predictions (Exadata X3-2?)

With only a month away from Larry Ellison’s keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2012, I thought that I would make a couple of wild guesses about new products that may or may not get announced this year.  I’ll lump them into a few educated guesses and wild conjecture.  Insert standard blogging disclaimer (please read this part, Oracle… Read More »

Where in the World is Andy Colvin?

I’ve got a handful of presentations coming up in the latter part of the year, so I thought I’d add a quick post with where all I’m going to be.  Seems like I’m all over the map and I couldn’t stop thinking of a game that I played way back when I was in elementary… Read More »

Exadata Flash Write-back – Sooner Than We Think?

If you missed Andy Mendelsohn’s keynote at E4 last week, you may not have heard the hubbub that surrounded one of his last slides (tweeted by Frits Hooogland here).  The mention of the write-back enticed Kevin Closson to talk about the potential ramifications of such a feature.  There’s a lot of information on that slide to… Read More »

Upgrading the Oracle Database Appliance to Version

As you may have guessed, applying patches on the Oracle Database Appliance can be a little bit different from your standard Oracle environment.  Oracle releases a software version that covers all aspects of the ODA – firmware, operating system, and Oracle software stack (grid infrastructure, rdbms).  Versions are numbered like this (image courtesy MOS note… Read More »

Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo 2012

Enkitec will be hosting the first annual Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) this August at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort in Irving, TX.  While I would generally tell people to stay away from Texas in August, this event will definitely be worth it.  Enkitec has managed to stockpile some of the greatest minds in… Read More »