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Hello, my name is Andy Colvin, and welcome to my blog. Generally, this blog will focus on my work as an Oracle DBA at Enkitec, based in Irving, TX. As with many things, I may get sidetracked by other interests like horrible movies, various sports, and my crazy family.

My history with IT starts in the late 1990's where I got my start working for an Oracle-centered company in Dallas named Database Consultants, which was later renamed to ThinkSpark. There, I gained a background working with Solaris, Linux, Windows (eeewww), and various networking technologies. After leaving ThinkSpark around 2004, I bounced around doing a few odd IT jobs, and settled at Enkitec in 2006, rejoining Kerry Osborne. Since then, I've worked with many Oracle technologies including Exadata, RAC, DataGuard, and WebLogic.

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