Monthly Archives: July 2011

Exadata Storage Expansion Rack

If you’ve run into the problem where you’re running out of space on your Exadata system, relief is on the way. Oracle has announced the Exadata Storage Expansion Rack. It comes in 3 handy sizes, just like your Exadata:  Quarter, Half, and Full.  They’ve taken out the database servers and left the remaining guts inside… Read More »

Exadata Split Rack Configuration

I was involved in an interesting Exadata installation last week. We have a client that wanted a half rack Exadata spit into 2 quarter racks to separate development and production. The best part was that we were doing this from the factory image, without the use of Oracle’s ACS. Normally, a standard Exadata installation can… Read More »

I’m Speaking at the Exadata Virtual Conference!

I’ve been asked to participate in the Exadata Virtual Conference organized by Tanel Poder that is being held August 3&4.  I’ll be speaking about something near and dear to my heart, Exadata patching!  Patching Exadata can be a scary proposition, considering that one patch touches Exadata storage application code, provides OS and kernel updates, and even flash… Read More »