RAC, Data Guard, and Password Files

When moving from one system to another, one of my favorite migration methods is using data guard.  It has its restrictions – the destination should be the same platform (exceptions noted in MOS note #413484.1), same version unless you’re performing an upgrade, and that a block-for-block copy of the database is acceptable.  Utilizing data guard… Read More »

Restarting Autoupgrade Jobs When the Instance Won’t Restart

When upgrading databases, my preferred method of late has been the autoupgrade tool. Autoupgrade gives DBAs the ability to upgrade databases in batches, automatically performing prechecks, postchecks, and custom database tasks during the upgrade process. Autoupgrade can be downloaded from MOS note #2485457.1, and tests shown here used the most current version at the time… Read More »

OEDA Virtualized Cluster Discovery With SSH Keys

As part of the Oracle Exadata Deployment Assistant (“OEDA”), Oracle includes a command line utility to read and modify the XML files used for deployment of an Exadata cluster.  Typical use cases are to install additional Oracle database versions, or to create multiple databases before deployment.  There are several additional features included for virtualized clusters,… Read More »

OEM SSL Cipher Hardening Reset After Securing OMS

I have recently been installing Oracle Enterprise Manager at several sites, and one of the key requirements has been to ensure that the installation isn’t using insecure HTTPS protocols. Securing the OMS and agents typically consists of two components – ensuring that only secure SSL ciphers are being used, and shutting down protocols that have… Read More »