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RAC, Data Guard, and Password Files

When moving from one system to another, one of my favorite migration methods is using data guard.  It has its restrictions – the destination should be the same platform (exceptions noted in MOS note #413484.1), same version unless you’re performing an upgrade, and that a block-for-block copy of the database is acceptable.  Utilizing data guard… Read More »

Configuring VNCR for Oracle RAC

By default on an Oracle RAC installation, the listeners are configured to allow any database to register with them.  There is no security out of the box to determine which databases may register.  While this makes it easy to create new databases without worrying about listener registration, this can cause potential problems in a real environment.… Read More »

Upgrading the Oracle Database Appliance to Version

As you may have guessed, applying patches on the Oracle Database Appliance can be a little bit different from your standard Oracle environment.  Oracle releases a software version that covers all aspects of the ODA – firmware, operating system, and Oracle software stack (grid infrastructure, rdbms).  Versions are numbered like this (image courtesy MOS note… Read More »

Voting Disk Redundancy in ASM

A recent discussion thread on the OTN Exadata forum made me want to test a feature of 11.2 RAC – voting disk redundancy.  There was one section of the Clusterware Adminsitration and Deployment Guide (http://goo.gl/eMrQM) that made me want to test it out to see how well it worked: If voting disks are stored on… Read More »