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New Exadata Full Stack Patches

Oracle has announced a new patching strategy for Exadata, starting with databases running  Oracle will be moving away from the monthly bundle patch philosophy, which was panned by many administrators as coming too often to keep up with, given the tight schedules held around most Exadata systems.  Instead, Oracle will be releasing a Quarterly… Read More »

Voting Disk Redundancy in ASM

A recent discussion thread on the OTN Exadata forum made me want to test a feature of 11.2 RAC – voting disk redundancy.  There was one section of the Clusterware Adminsitration and Deployment Guide (http://goo.gl/eMrQM) that made me want to test it out to see how well it worked: If voting disks are stored on… Read More »

Exadata Critical Patch for through

Oracle has released a critical patch for storage server versions through  While was released last week, there were a few oneoff patches from that didn’t seem to make it in to the release.  Oracle has since released (patch #13513611, supplemental note #1388400.1).  Similar to, this release looks to patch… Read More »

Exadata Diskgroup Planning

As business has picked up since OpenWorld (didn’t think that was possible, but that’s another story for another day), we have been seeing more customers adopt or seriously look at Exadata as an option for new hardware implementations.  While many will complain that there isn’t enough room for customization in the rigid process of configuring… Read More »