Exadata Storage Server Version Released

By | December 26, 2013

Oracle has released the much-anticipated version of cellsrv compatible with Oracle Database (patch #16980054). Before thinking about upgrading, read MOS note #1571789.1 carefully.  Unless you are planning to run database 12c on your Exadata, it would be advisable to continue down the 11.2 branch of the cellsrv software, which currently has a latest version of

New features include:

  • Support for cell offload processing of Oracle Database 12c, including smart scans, fast file creation, and fast incremental backup.
  • IORM support for pluggable and container databases.
  • Cell to Cell data transfer (from the MOS note mentioned above) - "Starting with Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software 12c Release 1 (12.1), database server processes can offload data transfer to cells. A database server instructs the destination cell to read the data directly from the source cell, and write the data to its local disk. This reduces the amount of data transferred across the fabric by half, reducing Infiniband bandwidth consumption, and memory requirements on the database server. In addition, Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) resynchronization, resilver, and rebalance use this feature to offload data movement. This provides improved bandwidth utilization at the Infiniband fabric level as well as saving PGA memory in Oracle ASM instances."
  • Desupport for HP Oracle Database Machine (Exadata V1) - sorry, V1 owners...you won't be able to run 12c.

Versions of Oracle Database supported by cellsrv

Database Release Minimum Required Release Bundle patch 22 Bundle patch 20 Current release Current release

Exadata storage servers running will continue to be powered by OEL 5.9.  As with any Exadata storage server update, please don't apply until plenty of time has been given to work out the inevitable "known issues" that come with new cellsrv releases!