Openworld 2011 Presentation – Sizing the FRA

By | September 15, 2011

I'll be presenting at OpenWorld this year with Cristobal Pedregal-Martin from Oracle. Our session is titled "How to Best Configure, Size, and Monitor the Oracle Database Fast Recovery Area." While it may be an afterthought for many DBAs, it is something that requires some planning, especially on Exadata environments. Cris will be speaking on guidelines for sizing and maintaining the FRA, while I'll be adding nuggets of wisdom based on my experience in the field. It should be a good experience all around. We're session number 13445, Moscone South 304, Thursday at 3:00. Plan accordingly, as I'm sure it will be a packed house.

The abstract of our talk is:

"The Oracle Database fast recovery area (FRA) provides storage and automated space management for recovery-related files and is a key piece of your high-availability strategy. This session covers best practices for configuring, sizing, and monitoring the FRA. It explains how your choice of logs and backups managed by the FRA affects database availability and discusses how to size the FRA to satisfy your recovery requirements, including those addressed by Oracle Flashback. It also explores how the FRA uses and recycles storage space to enable you to better estimate, define, and monitor your recovery retention policies and flashback windows. Finally, the session presents some common data protection scenarios and discusses how to configure the FRA in each for best results."

One thought on “Openworld 2011 Presentation – Sizing the FRA

  1. Arno Disser

    Hi Andy, I enjoyed your session on OOW. Only I’m not able to find your (and Chris) presentation.
    Can you please send me a copy?
    Thanks, Arno


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