Exadata X2-8 Installation And Pics

By | June 8, 2011

I've been talking about starting a blog for a while, and what better to start it with than pictures of "The Great Beast," or "Sasquatch." He's more commonly known as the Exadata X2-8. It's one of the first in the area, and I had the opportunity to sit in on the installation/setup.  I've got a few details, then more pics after the jump.

Frontal view of the X2-8

Exadata X2-8 Compute (Database) Nodes

Model Sun Fire X4800
CPU 8x8-core Xeon X7560 2.26GHz
Memory 1TB
Internal Disk 8x300GB SAS 10k RPM
Internal RAID RAID 5 with 1 hot spare
Infiniband 4x dual-port QDR Infiniband PCIe Cards
Network 8x10GbE SFP+ Ports
8x1GbE Ethernet Ports
1xEthernet ILOM Port

Exadata X2-8 Cell (Storage) Nodes

Model Sun Fire X4270 M2
CPU 4x4-core Xeon L5640 2.27GHz
Memory 24GB
Internal Disk 12x600GB SAS 15k RPM or 12x2TB SAS 7.2k RPM
Internal RAID Software RAID for OS
Infiniband 1x dual-port QDR Infiniband PCIe Cards
Flash 4x96GB Sun PCIe Flash Cards
Network 4x1GbE Ethernet Ports
1xEthernet ILOM Port

Anyways, on to the pictures.


X2-8 from the front


X2-8 Requires 2 3-phase connections per PDU


The back is cleaner with the X4800 servers


Front view of X4800


I was hoping to see if it had the option to boot from Solaris or Linux, but it wasn't running the latest version of the Exadata software ( yet.

7 thoughts on “Exadata X2-8 Installation And Pics

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  2. guru

    Hi Andy, Question for you. Why did your company choose X2-8 v/s X2-2. Because if 1 node is down you are basically down to a single node?

    1. acolvin Post author

      This was chosen by a client of ours….They felt that one of the X4800 nodes would be sufficient for their workload, so went with the X2-8. Also, they felt that their application as it exists today would not handle scaling out horizontally across the 8 compute nodes in a full X2-2 rack, thus wanting a cluster of 2 larger nodes.

  3. Heath Boral

    The back is soooo much cleaner than the X2-2. Nice pics.

    1. Andy Colvin Post author


      These were the “low voltage” 3-phase (4 pin) connectors. The “high voltage” 3-phase (5-pin) connectors are red.


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